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Twisted X Launches ‘Rapid Response’ Inventory Fulfillment Program

Supply chains are a mess and many retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep shelves filled, let alone stocked with styles that move. But rather than blame it on the pandemic, Twisted X, a division of Twisted X Global Brands, is doing something about it. The Decatur, TX-based company has just launched Rapid Response, a retail partner program offering direct access to the brand’s inventory with immediate order fulfillment and prioritized shipping. With Rapid Response, retailers of all sizes can directly access inventory quickly and easily so they never lose a sale, while providing their customers with expedited shipping.
“The retail industry was hit hard during the pandemic, creating inventory and logistic challenges across the board, but through it all Twisted X has been able to take the burden off retailers’ shoulders with increased factory production,” says Lee Lemon, vice president of sales for Twisted X. “The Rapid Response Program aims to elevate that level of service even further. This is truly a win all around as we’re able to quickly provide high-demand inventory to our retailers, creating an ease of selection for the consumer which converts into a sale.”
Rapid Response will be available to Twisted X’s retailers in four ways:
Rapid Response Tablets: Retailers can directly access the preloaded site to instantly connect their customers with the hottest styles.
Rapid Response Website: The site can be accessed online directly for retailers who opt out of the tablet option.
Envoy B2B: Partners already using Envoy B2B can experience the same expedited shipping by adding RR to purchase orders.
Direct Call: Retail partners can call Twisted X directly and mention Rapid Response for a fast pass to inventory.
Rapid Response represents another example of Twisted X standing by its core value of partnership, which is led selling all products strictly through retailers. This announcement follows Twisted X’s previous commitment to support retailers by increasing its factory production and inventories, making them easily accessible to retailers so they could keep up with demand amidst supply chain slowdowns brought on by the pandemic.
“Being a good partner is part of Twisted X’s DNA because without our retailers, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” says CEO Prasad Reddy. “As we do not sell direct-to-consumer, their success is our success and we’re proud to approach business through their eyes. Our priority is to continue innovating processes to take these relationships to the next level and pass along the inventory and savings they need.”
Retailers can sign up for Rapid Response online or through their Twisted X sales representative. To learn more about Twisted X’s retailer support initiatives visit

Prasad Reddy, CEO of Twisted X, is all smiles about the launch of its Rapid Response inventory fulfillment program.

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