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These Church’s Boots Will Probably Outlive You

When it comes to clothing, what’s a wise investment? As we come to terms with the brutal effects of fast fashion, this is a question that we should be asking ourselves before any purchase. But there isn’t one single right answer. Of course, you could answer it economically. Will you be able to sell the item for more than you bought it? But for those of us who love clothing for clothing, a wise investment is all to do with lifespan. A prime example? A pair of Church’s boots for fall/winter.
British heritage brand Church’s has been making high-end footwear since 1873, so it knows a thing or two about long-term investment. In terms of quality, Church’s Goodyear or leather-soled, premium leather-upper masterpieces are second to none. With the possibility of having them resoled year on year, there’s no real reason why your Church’s boots won’t outlive you.
But that’s not the only consideration. Style is a big factor, too. Church’s boots do that pretty well. The timeless designs ranging from brogues through to Chelsea boots exist separately to trends. Season in, season out, they’re unchanged, meaning that there’s no stress about updating your look — they’ll slot naturally into your rotating wardrobe.

Beautifully textured full-grain leather forms the upper of the Mc Farlane Lw Boots which sit atop a Goodyear sole with storm welt. Rugged and refined at the same time, these are the boots for every occasion.

The oh-so-sleek Eastville is one of those products that you can just stare at for hours. Calf-leather uppers boast a polishbinder finish which you can see your reflection in. What’s the reflection? You, smiling because you just made a lifelong investment.

This classic workers boot is built on a rugged commando sole which is wildly hard-wearing as well as being a nice stylistic touch. The pared-back supple leather upper with minimal detailing stands in contrast to the chunky sole.

If you expect to be spending more time on city streets than muddied pathways, the Amberley R173 is one of the more sophisticated Church’s boots on offer. Chelsea boots are going nowhere any time soon and this versatile pair styles with suit trousers as easily as battered jeans.

With an Americana edge, the Bletsoe boot modernizes the Chelsea boot silhouette. A wrap-around strap to the heel offers a visual anchor as well as dodging the need for an elastic insert which would interrupt the high-end suede upper.
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