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The Dutch Salvation Army Expands on Balenciaga’s Paris Sneaker to Raise Awareness in Inequality

The Dutch Salvation Army has just expanded on Balenciaga’s recent $1,850 USD Paris sneaker release to raise awareness in poverty and inequality in the world. Named the “Truly Destroyed” campaign, the initiative is not a jab at Balenciaga but rather uses the viral sneaker’s spotlight to open a dialogue on how funds are used and how far $1,850 USD goes in the eyes of those less privileged. The Dutch Salvation Army has found eight forms of footwear that are distressed from actual use — there’s also a human element added with the naming of the models — and has priced them quite similar to the Paris sneaker at €1,450 EUR. Photoed by Carli Hermès, each version is described with attributes like, “Worn out to exhaustion,” “Bloodstained,” “Unsuitable for all weather types,” and “Painful fit.”Each mode has been worn by real people living on the streets where those interested in supporting the cause can purchase them with the funds going directly to The Dutch Salvation Army’s mission of rebuilding the lives of people in need. Head over to Truly Destroyed to learn more. In other footwear news, Maison Margiela tosses its Replica Sneaker in paper.Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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