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SCRY™ Lab’s Neptune Hybrid-Lunar Has Reinvented the Boot

SCRY™ Lab was spotlighted as one of HYPEBEAST’s most boundary-breaking emerging footwear brands of 2021, but its new silhouette — the Neptune Hybrid-Lunar — has disrupted everything we thought we knew. The new style is a boot by nature, but nothing about the pair screams tradition, instead channeling an aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place on a high-fashion alien.For SCRY™ Lab, it’s all about pushing the limit on what’s possible. As the brand’s founder previously told HYPEBEAST, it aims to “look into the future through a crystal ball,” and the Neptune Hybrid-Lunar provides exactly that. Made from matte leather and a sole unit that’s designed and built using HALS ultra-high speed printing technology, the sneaker-boot hybrid is said to be inspired by the “fantasy of unknown life forms on the outer planet,” which is clear given its futuristic design.The 3D-printed sole unit not only gives the boot a squared-off toe, but it also creates a heel that sculpts the back of the shoe into something that looks like a lifeform. The shapes flow and bend, kicking out at the rear to deliver a design never seen in the footwear world.Rounding out the pair is the outsole, which is smooth yet simultaneously designed to reveal the 3D-printed techniques used to build the sole unit.The SCRY™ Lab Neptune Hybrid-Lunar comes in white or black and retails for $919 USD on a made-to-order basis. Take a closer look at the boot above, and purchase yours from APOC Store now.In case you missed it, check out Zixiong Wei of SCRY™ Lab’s issue of Sole Mates.Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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