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ROA Doubles Down on Smoke & Fire for an Explosive SS23

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There is no better time than now (now being the middle of summer) to dust off your ROA boots or hiking shoes, reproof your GORE-TEX shell jacket, and get on down the (or up?) some peaks. If you really listen closely, you might even hear the distant echo of the trails calling out your name – hike, hike now!
Hyperbole aside, it’s hard not to answer the allure of the outdoors when the sun’s beaming. Heck, even when those sporadic spells of rain start falling on a hot day, nothing quite beats stretching the legs and relishing in that feeling of accomplishment when you round off your hike. The physicality of it all is a beautiful thing, but doing it in a solid ‘fit is even better if you ask me.
“All the gear and no idea” – I’m sure we’ve all heard that gem before, or thrown it out ourselves once or twice. It feels apt in the world of Gorpcore; either you’re about that life and have the gear to prove it, or you’ve got the gear…and no idea.
Regardless of where you fall, we won’t attempt to deny that Gorp gear isn’t some of the slickest, most technical products that the industry has to offer, and ROA is sat right up front.
Nestled amongst Paris Fashion Week’s SS23 shows and presentations was ROA, armed with a selection of products that’ll make your head spin – in a good way, of course.
Once again, ROA has demonstrated its footwear finesse (for which it is world-renowned) but has also knocked it out of the park with attention-worthy apparel and accessory line-up. Amongst the offering is shell jacket bangers, cold-weather style patterned work gloves, technical pants, and more.
This is one of those collections that you’ll find yourself zooming in and fixating on – so do that, and keep doing so until ROA SS23 touches down next year. In the meantime, check out the brand’s latest online.


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