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Red Wing Heritage and Want Show Laundry Curate an eBay Auction of Ultra-Rare Styles

Red Wing Heritage has partnered with Mr. and Mrs. Chang of Want Show Laundry, a laundry shop located in Taichung, Taiwan, for a curated selection of rare Red Wing styles as part of its on-going “Out of Fashion” global campaign.The Red Wing Heritage & Want Show Laundry Collection is a circular fashion initiative assembling 30 pairs of archival boots, including prototypes, special editions, and unreleased shoes, which are available now for auction on eBay. Proceeds from the sales will go to the Want Show Laundry Redefine Project, which supports a circular fashion economy and Taiwanese laundry shops by coordinating the sale of forgotten clothing items to cover the costs of unpaid cleaning bills among other charitable work in Taiwan.Standouts in the collection include the limited-edition Classic Moc from 2018, pairing Oro Russet Portage and Abilene leathers, and the checkerboard-patterned Scrap Leather Prototypes, created using alternating buffed and rough sides of salvaged Olive Mohave leather from Red Wing’s Minnesota factory.View the full catalogue of available offerings on Red Wing’s site, where you can bid directly on product, or visit the eBay auction page. Bidding is open now through through March 24. Other participants in the “Out of Fashion” initiative, inspired by innovative community leaders, are musician and beekeeper Bioni Samp and the Erin Brown, who is preserving the culture “concrete cowboys” as the founder of Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy. View this post on InstagramA post shared by 萬秀的洗衣店|WANT SHOW as young (@wantshowasyoung)Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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