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R.M.Williams Still Handcrafts Boots in Australia After Nearly a Century

With shoppers more educated than ever before, consumers have begun to shy away from fast fashion in favor of more durable and well-made goods that’ll stand the test of time. That’s a good thing for Australian bootmaker R.M.Williams, who’s been handcrafting its supple range of boots, belts, and small leather goods for the past 89 years out of a workshop in Adelaide, Australia.
The brand’s specialty is Chelsea boots, and the master artisans employed by R.M.Williams continue to carry on the legacy, traditions, and passion for Australian-made leather crafting since its founding in 1932. Such mastery requires extraordinary attention to detail and each boot is crafted from one piece of leather with over 80 handheld processes. It’s how they’ve always done it and that’s something that won’t change.
When they talk about being “handcrafted,” they mean it. Before selecting the single piece of leather for a boot, each hide is scrutinized and examined by hand for any imperfections before its unique shape is meticulously cut (by hand, of course). It’s then folded over a heated, curved block to mold, shape, and test its integrity and strength.
This process creates a super durable boot that’ll fit like a glove while simultaneously showcasing the leather’s natural beauty. A quality boot is only as good as its sole, and R.M.Williams’ most popular styles are built using the Goodyear Welt — a time-honored construction technique that extends the life of your boots by allowing them to be resoled again and again.
While the Chelsea boot originated in the Aussie outback, it’s still one of our favorite footwear choices year-round, not only for their versatility but also because they’re just so easy to wear. It’s also refreshing to see some more advanced options from R.M.Williams, like these Santa Fe boots. The bold style features an elevated Cuban heel and rodeo square toe with decorative stitching for a chic western-inspired look that’s equally flex-worthy.
Get acquainted with their full range of handcrafted boots at and discover the brand’s other stylish offerings.



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