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Only True Besties Can Gift Each Other The Perfect Pair of Crocs

How well do you know your bestie? That question was put to the test just in time for the Holidays with Crocs’ Jibbitz.
The assignment was simple: link up with your BFF and gift each other a pair of Crocs with curated Jibbitz that best match their personality. And while this may seem like an overwhelming task at first, one can skim through the Jibbitz catalogue and quickly realize there’s an icon for pretty much everything. The only true challenge is choosing just a few from the hundreds of options available.
Thinking back to Diplo’s collaboration that featured giant mushroom Jibbitz or Nicole McLaughlin’s Crocs which incorporated intricate paracord detailing, there proves to be no concept too weird or wild for Crocs. So whether your bestie is serious, sweet, or silly, there’s a Jibbitz to represent every sort of mood and inside joke shared between friends.
Take a look below to see how a few dynamic duos styled each other with a pair of customized Crocs.

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