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Here’s What Makes a ‘Sustainable Shoe’ Sustainable

Earth Day is April 22. In honor of the holiday, we decided to examine the concept of sustainability and how your  decisions can directly impact the future of Mother Earth. Specifically, we’re taking a look at sustainable shoes, including what makes a sustainable shoe, well, sustainable, and some of the most popular sustainable footwear options on the market today.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability incorporates actions, choices, or processes that allow us to meet our own needs without compromising the world around us. In other words, using finite materials in a way that won’t allow them to run out.

The challenges that many companies and producers have had with adopting sustainable practices is the baseline from which most of us have to start. However, many companies have changed their production focuses to become more sustainable in recent years. 

And if enough consumers demand (through their purchasing power) companies and brands to follow sustainable production practices, more will follow suit.

What makes a shoe sustainable?

Sustainable shoes are becoming more popular now, meaning you have an ever-increasing selection of products to choose from. But what makes a shoe sustainable? 

Sustainable shoes are most often made from recycled waste. These materials might have been recycled from old shoes or materials taken from suitable products. For example, soles can be reformed and strengthened for reuse in new sneakers or for sports surfaces.

Sustainable shoes must also be manufactured following eco-friendly and sustainable practices — minimizing toxic waste by limiting the usage of harmful chemicals during the process.

Sustainable shoes from Nike 

Sustainable running shoes are a popular choice for active and eco-conscious consumers. Nike’s sustainable shoe collection includes products like the Nike Space Hippie sneakers and the Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature running shoes. 

Other excellent sustainable options from Nike include the Nike Flyknit and Nike Air styles. Nike Flyknit uses a lightweight fabric that allows for an average of 60% less waste compared to the traditional manufacturing practices for footwear uppers. They also contain recycled plastic from up to seven plastic bottles. Nike Air soles reduce manufacturing waste by at least 50% and can easily be recycled after they are worn out to create new cushioning systems.

This Earth Day, you can also partner with Nike by investing in their products on their journey towards a zero-carbon, zero-waste future.

Sustainable shoes from adidas

If you are more of an adidas aficionado, help them end plastic waste by purchasing from their eco-friendly Primegreen or Primeblue sustainable shoe lines. adidas also encourages consumers to follow sustainability best practices after they wear their shoes out. You can send them back to the company where they will recycle and remake them using their Give Back program. All you have to do to utilize this free service is download their app, start a “clean out,” and ship them your old shoes (and even clothes!). You then earn rewards depending on the quality and type of material you send.

Purchase a pair of sustainable shoes this Earth Day 

This Earth Day, make a choice to invest in both your performance and the earth by choosing sustainable sneakers at Finish Line from brands like Nike, adidas, Reebok, Puma and more.
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