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Givenchy Disrupts the Style Vanguard With Shredmaster Keith

Hailing from the Bronx, Keith Hardy, a.k.a Shredmaster Keith, is a renowned skater with an affinity for shredding skateparks in New York’s five boroughs. He’s also known locally for his wild hairstyles, pinstripe suits and pattern-clashing ensembles. When the mood fits, Hardy dons leopard prints, hot pink hair and a single huggie in his ear. Remnants of New York’s No Wave and post-punk scene still reverberate in the LES and draw parallels with contemporary counterculture. If skaters navigate a grungy subculture in fashion, Hardy is unaffected by these rules of conduct. He weaves in and out of trend cycles as confidently as he lands tricks, and his mischievous approach to style mirrors his love for his native city. In line with

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