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Fire from Philly: Unboxing the Reebok ‘Hot Ones’ Question Mid

When it comes to kicks, and wings, we like ’em hot.

The folks over at Hot Ones agree, and they’ve worked with Reebok to come up with the perfect collab that combines the two.

To celebrate the latest spicy release, we sent pairs of the forthcoming ‘Hot Ones’ Question Mid to two Philadelphia natives and a bonafide Hot Ones superfan and former contestant for their thoughts.

Anthony Gilbert, basketball writer, founder of Sole Collector magazine

Saadiyah (IG: @the_professionalist) has been styling Allen Iverson’s hair throughout his travels around the world. She was with Team USA for the 2004 Olympics, and has been with him all the way to and through his Hall of Fame induction. (Image left by Phil Grant)

The Reebok Question, much like Iverson himself, has achieved an iconic, hall of fame status. This shoe will be here forever, and it is expected to be rereleased in both an original and collaborative format.

Reebok has been a staple in Philadelphia since the 1980’s with the Classic and Freestyle HI. The 90s ushered in a new look with AI, and Stevie Williams dominated the turn of the century with his skate brand DSG. I always think of Dee Brown, and now Lexie, when it comes to Reebok. Nonetheless, the shadow that Iverson cast on the world cannot be replicated.

Basketball is one of the few sports where you can emulate your favorite athletes through the shoes they wear. This is the magic of the game, and legendary players only come along every so often. When a signature shoe drops, the namesake can make or break it.

The Question is certified and it sits in a distinct class shared by few.

My first impression started with the box, as I was immediately reminded of Survival of the Fittest, by Mobb Deep: “put us together, it’s like mixing vodka and milk…” which could be used to describe what it was like to defend the 6’1″ guard from Georgetown.

These shoes hit hard with that aggressive flashing red, giving anyone who comes near, a warning signal that you had best be prepared for 48 minutes of blood, sweat, and tears.

This is a unique blend of basketball history, and pop culture coming together for a perfect match. The original white/red with the suede toe-cap will always be the best, however I fully embrace the various PE’s, and colorways, past (2000 All-Star Game, Michigan State), present (Los Angeles), and future.

The Question is a perfect shoe, and I look forward to more iterations in the years to come.

Brett Baker, Hot Ones super-fan

Vices. Everyone has them. Some better, some worse.

For me, ever since I could make my own money and spend it how I saw fit, shoes have been one of my vices. I can tell you about every stitch on my Air Force 2s (circa 1986), or my first pair of Rod Lavers that I have literally worn the tread off of. So when Finish Line asked me if I’d be interested in trying out the new Hot Ones x Reebok Question Mid the answer was ‘yes’ before I even opened the DM.

Being dubbed the Hot Ones “Super Fan” has spawned a whole host of opportunities that I could never have predicted. You can certainly add slipping on a pair of size 12 kicks inspired by Allen Iverson and a smash YouTube series to the list.

The first thing you notice is the box. It’s not just a shoebox, it’s art. If I could frame it I would. Then you open it.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in the Hot Ones world, the shoes are a visual feast. From the colorway to the eyelets, to the tongue, to the insole, it’s an all-out homage to the show that reinvented the interview format.

Is it over the top? Maybe a little, but in all the best ways. You step into a pair of these and you can bet that people will not only notice them but they will ask you about them. And for anyone with a vice, especially one for new kicks, who doesn’t love talking about what they’re into?

The great thing about the Hot Ones x Reebok Question Mid is the conversation isn’t just about basketball shoes. It’s about Hot Ones, art, design, and maybe a half-dozen other things I’m not perceptive enough to see. But I do know this, they’re cool. Open the box; You feel cool. You put them on, you feel cool. You walk into a new room, you feel cool. 

The bottom line is this, if sneakers are one of your vices, you’re going to want to check out these shoes. Then you’re going to want to wear them to your favorite wing joint to see if you can find anything hotter than this Reebok collab.

Tyler R. Tynes, staff writer, The Ringer

I’ve been admiring Allen Iverson all my life, from a boy growing on the blocks of North Philadelphia to a fanatic of the city of brotherly love. Basketball is our birthright, the shoes an extension of the culture and flavor Black folks brought to basketball. 

What would the shoe game be without the Questions? The iconic silhouette and heft of the boot of a basketball general. As a kid back home, having those were the key to unlocking an effortless cool. We didn’t want to be like Mike, we dreamed of Allen’s killer crossover. These sneakers were equivalent to Superman’s cape.

Any new collaboration only builds on the timeless legacy of Iverson’s and his signature footwear. They have to live on because he has too and they come the way he did: brash, and low to the ground. 

The Reebok ‘Hot Ones’ Question Mid releases at on 2/18.

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