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CAMPERLAB FW22 Is an Experiment Gone Right

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Remember Dexter’s Laboratory? You know, the show with the boy genius Dexter, whose experiments are always thwarted (and sometimes improved) thanks to his curious-minded sister DeeDee.
Like Dexter, Spanish footwear brand Camper is exploratory yet conservative, sticking to the rules with distinctive, functional footwear designs. Meanwhile, DeeDee and her recurring question “what does this button do” pretty much sums up CAMPERLAB‘s vibe, meaning it’s always looking for something new and lively to spice up a basic shoe.
Simply put, CAMPERLAB is Camper’s free-spirited sibling. Evident with past designs like its Traktori boots and Hastalavista sandals, CAMPERLAB is “more progressive” and “doesn’t have to follow any rules,” per what creative director Achilles Ion Gabriel told Highsnobiety.
CAMPERLAB’s curious experimentation is more present than ever in its Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Vibrant hues, striking trims, and bold prints manifest as the essential ingredients to their latest unorthodox footwear and accessories concoctions.
Loafers truly epitomize the feeling of being in the midst of scientific discovery, boasting innovative and somewhat mad-sciencey details exhibited in the Frankenstein-esque lace-up creepers and padded leather shoes.
As for the over-the-knee neon orange space boots? It’s rumored that NASA’s design team is shook, as we speak.
There’s some Play-Doh on my boots! CAMPERLAB’s FW22 cowboy boots tote a head-turning chunky sole that looks as if someone slapped some imperfectly molded clay on the bottom of their cowboy boots.
Indeed, it would earn a city-slicker a classic western stare down with these lumpy-soled walkers on foot.
Like its FW21 collection, the epic cow-print returns in CAMPERLAB’S FW22 offering, this time in a lime green and black combo. Not to mention, the Traktori boot and slide reclaims its rightful place as the customary fan-fave.
Since the Camper sub-label is rooted in venturous design, CAMPERLAB’s been getting more into accessories, issuing a few handbags in its FW22 rollout.
The color-blocked pillow bag reminds you of those vintage ruffled-hem shams, and it should, considering that was Gabriel’s inspiration for the billowed-edge clutch bag.
Then again, the bag could also double as your furry pal’s new stylish bed, depending on your mood.
The experiment of CAMPERLAB FW22 is a success, to say the least, composed of impressive details which pack just enough style and flair in the collection’s pieces.
If my hypothesis proves correct, we’re in for an autumn season of beefy cowboy boots, thigh-high space shoes, and mutated loafers.


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