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Buckle Up – Santoni Steps up Its Sneakers

A cool interpretation of the classic tennis sneaker silhouette, Santoni’s Double Buckle Sneaker may just deserve a double-take. The shoe which is hand-crafted in Italy – ironically enough, has no buckles at all.
The name is a play on Santoni’s iconic double buckle design feature which firmly clasps most of its more traditional shoes and has now been tactfully re-imagined as a symbolic graphic reference on its latest foray into the sneaker industry.
Santoni is a legacy-era footwear brand founded In Italy, whose focus on tradition, refinement, and craftsmanship has allowed the label to evolve from a small family workshop to a larger global enterprise. The appeal of Santoni of course remains in its philosophy of keeping everything “under one roof”, in order to guarantee quality and perfection – an ethos that current CEO (and son of founder Andrea Santoni) Giuseppe Santoni has maintained.
Known for immaculate quality and a modern edge amongst traditional cobblers it should come as no surprise that the label would continue to expand its design vocabulary. In recent years the brand has rendered its take on several new products including slides and of course sneakers.
As far as sneakers go, the Double Buckle Sneaker is elegant, unobnoxious, and comfortable – boasting an upper shaped from Santoni’s signature calf leather. The name Double Buckle Sneaker is in reference to a graphic icon (which acts as a sort of placeholder where buckles would typically be located on Santoni’s more traditional shoes and loafers) that distinguishes the shoe from its competition. The graphic is painted in a variety of colorways, notably “Arancio Santoni” (orange) and blue, but will soon be available in white and green as well. The name Santoni is vibrantly splashed under the sole as a final garnish to the shoe.
Santoni is a progressive and future oriented company whose production facility has been noted as being entirely eco friendly, with Giuseppe Santoni speaking publicly about the importance of our responsibility to live as sustainable stewards on this blue-green earth.
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