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Balenciaga’s Camo Crocs Don’t Hide That Ankle-Breaking Platform

Highsnobiety aims to provide our readers with the latest updates in the footwear world. However, we cannot verify the reliability of any unauthorized leaks or rumors unless this information is provided directly by the brands themselves.
Balenciaga is taking its Crocs collaboration to new heights, literally.
On August 9, we got a first glimpse at an unreleased Balenciaga x Crocs shoe from footwear designer Salehe Bembury, who paid a visit to the clog brand’s headquarters on August 9.
Perhaps, the Spunge founder met with Crocs to develop a game plan for the next Pollex clogs’ rollout (Ls already pending).
We’ll talk about that some other time. But, for now, back to the Balenciaga Crocs.
In the pic above, Bembury holds a Balenciaga x Crocs clog dressed in a grey, black, and white camouflage print equipped with Crocs’ customary ventilation holes and a Balenciaga-branded ankle strap.
Oh, I’m leaving out the most obvious detail? Balenciaga’s unreleased Crocs tote a hulking platform sole akin to the original Balenciaga Crocs collab. Ankles worldwide just let out a cry.
A step up (or three) from the Hard Crocs, Balenciaga’s camo Crocs literally have a double-cheeked-up sole on a Tuesday afternoon, word to D’Carlo Watkins.

Balenciaga has more than a fair share of wild products, including its unhinged Crocs heels.
But, the latest platform Crocs really aren’t so advanced, in my opinion. After all, Balenciaga has been there and done that with the whole meme-able platform clogs thing.
As a lover of platforms and camo prints, I’m actually here for Balanciaga’s Crocs. Indeed, I’d give them a spin if I wasn’t fearful of taking an embarrassing tumble in the streets.
Of course, not everyone agrees with my appreciation for Balenciaga’s Crocs.
Like the disintegrated Paris shoe and $1,790 trash bags, social media has already begun ripping the brand’s platform clogs apart. And they’re not even out yet!
“Keep ’em unreleased,” “But why tho???,” and “What in the seven bloody hells is this,” folks are saying about Balenciaga’s towering Crocs.
Love it or hate them, Balenciaga’s camo super-platform Crocs could yet see the light of day, potentially with an XXXL tote to match.
Surely, that’ll prompt the Balenciaga adversaries to grab their torches and pitchforks.


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