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Mr. Bean Sneakers… A Custom Sneaker for A Friend

One of our friends sent over an illustration she did on her pet guinea pig named Mr Bean. We thought it would be funny to make it into a sneaker this morning. I thought it turned out pretty nice actually, don’t you agree? Send us your thoughts! #sneakers #sneakerheadz #canvassneaker #canvassneakers #sneakerhead #sneakeraddict #sneakerart #paintedshoes […]

Future Nurse Collection 2021

“Future Nurse” Collection 2021

Still working with our supplier to get out the kinks in the fulfillment process. In the meantime, we designed our first sneaker! You have to admit, the kids version is really CUTE! We have them in adults sizes too.  Perfect gifts for people in nursing school! (Our designer is dating someone in nursing school, so […]

We are on a journey.. We started a new store!

Sneaks & Kicks was just launched in 2021, in the year of a global pandemic. But it does not deter us – a very small rag-tag team of designers who enjoy designing sneakers. Even though we launched the store, we are not ready to advertise and sell since we need to populate the store with […]

Shipping & Delivery Delays Due to Covid 19

In most cases Sneaks & Kicks processes orders the same day. As our products are manufactured on demand, it typically takes 7-10 days before it reaches our customers worldwide. However, due to the pandemic, there are work and shipping restrictions beyond our internal control. As such, we cannot guarantee any delivery times. Shipping can be […]

What Makes A Good Sneaker?

Growing up in a village in a developing country taught me a lot about the true value of a dollar. It pays to only buy quality footwear. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a time of small-town shoemakers and cobblers who custom tailor shoes to precision. Finding quality footwear in today’s world of big brands […]

A Non-Comprehensive Non-Scientific Non-Educated List of Sneaker Lingo

We, who love sneakers, have our own set of terms that we use to describe sneakers, or kinds of sneakers, or conditions of sneakers… Admittedly, we don’t keep up. We are too busy designing sneakers than keeping up with urban terminology. However, here’s a list we grabbed from all over the internets. Enjoy! Aglets Aglets […]

Nike Shouts Out the Bronx With This Air Force 1 Low “Bronx Origins” Colorway

In sneaker culture, there are certain silhouettes that have deep-rooted histories with various cities across the globe. For example, Los Angeles is a destination that is heavily associated with the Cortez and New York City has been often identified with the classic Air Force 1. And to honor the latter, Nike has generated a brand new Air Force 1 Low “Bronx Origins” colorway .The Bruce Kilgore-designed silhouette has been treated with neutral tones here. Upper halves have been crafted with a crispy white tumbled leather and come accented by textured leather Swooshes that are flooded with black. Gilded accents get their own moments to shine as well through the “Anniversary Edition” hits on the tongue banners as well as the lace dubraes which split between the years “1973” on the right shoe and “1982” on the left. Literal nods to the Big Apple borough can be seen through the vinyl record graphics that are printed on the insoles as well as the “Bronx” spell-outs that are printed inside the translucent outsoles.Official images of the NYC-themed colorway can be seen above, and you can expect Nike to release these in the coming weeks.Elsewhere in the realm of kicks, Nike has given the Air Kukini a “Pixel” motif.

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

New Balance Unveils Its Versatile MADE in USA 990v1 “Macadamia Nut”

Teddy Santis’ first collection with New Balance started rolling out in April of this year, and nearly every batch of releases has been met with overwhelming demand. The Aimé Leon Dore founder has applied his tasteful design language to a plethora of MADE in USA silhouettes, and the latest to be unveiled is this New Balance MADE in USA 990v1 “Macadamia Nut” colorway.In similar fashion to the New Balance MADE in USA 990v3 “Moonbeam” colorway that was recently announced, this forthcoming variation leans on an assortment of neutral tones for stylization. Canvas underlays are fitted with a lighter “Incense” hue and come color-blocked with shaggy suede overlays that hug the heels and forefoot in a beachy “Macadamia Nut” tone. A soft beige suede panel attaches to the mid-foot and comes accessorized with a bold black N logo. More black hits are spotted out on the interior lining while a pop of red pokes out through the New Balance insignias that rest on the tongues. Midsoles are stuffed with the brand’s signature ENCAP cushioning for a smooth ride.Interested in copping? New Balance is scheduled to drop these come June 30 for $190 USD.For other news, The Basement and New Balance introduced a “Moss Green” 2002R.

Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

Givenchy Disrupts the Style Vanguard With Shredmaster Keith

Hailing from the Bronx, Keith Hardy, a.k.a Shredmaster Keith, is a renowned skater with an affinity for shredding skateparks in New York’s five boroughs. He’s also known locally for his wild hairstyles, pinstripe suits and pattern-clashing ensembles. When the mood fits, Hardy dons leopard prints, hot pink hair and a single huggie in his ear. Remnants of New York’s No Wave and post-punk scene still reverberate in the LES and draw parallels with contemporary counterculture. If skaters navigate a grungy subculture in fashion, Hardy is unaffected by these rules of conduct. He weaves in and out of trend cycles as confidently as he lands tricks, and his mischievous approach to style mirrors his love for his native city. In line with Givenchy’s evolving fashion ethos, the luxury house tapped Hardy for an exclusive campaign showcasing its edgy Fall 2022 styles and new TK-360 sneakers.Hardy navigates fashion like he does the seasons — there are no rules and comfort is paramount. “Whether skating or chilling, I mix it up and dibble and dabble with it all. I didn’t always have swag, but a lot of my fashion sense comes from my friends; we influence each other. I look up to Jimi Hendrix a lot. It goes in a flow. One day I feel like Jimi Hendrix — one day I feel like a punk dude. My style will never be this one thing. It always changes up — always doing what I want at the end of the day.” As a reflection of this devil-may-care attitude towards dressing, Hardy needs a shoe that’s fit for his varying style identity. He looks to Givenchy’s newest sneaker – the TK-360 – which boasts comfort and versatility, for a multitude of outfits. Taking to the bustling streets of New York’s LES, Hardy dons various colorways of the TK-360, pairing them with textured denim and accessories from Givenchy’s most recent collections. First seen on the Spring/Summer 2022 runway the TK-360 knit sneaker launched officially for the Fall 2022 Pre-Collection, becoming a style standout.  View this post on InstagramA post shared by HYPEBEAST (@hypebeast) Dominated by an extreme arch and bulbous profile, the ergonomic TK-360 is named for its “Total Knit” construction. The shoe’s technical mesh upper is fully integrated with the cushioned insole, lending to the disruptive look and feel. “I’m used to flat-footed footwear like Converse, Chuck Taylors and slip-ons,” says Hardy. “It’s definitely one of the craziest shoes I’ve worn. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a shoe. It feels like a sock on a cloud.” With the rise of thrifting and upcycling, New York street style has become a case study in artfully mixing high and low garments and tactfully blending different style sensibilities. With Matthew M. Williams at the helm of Givenchy as Creative Director, the Pre-Fall collection caters to this fusion of expressions, drawing inspiration from Japanese boro, a method of reworking and repairing textiles, rendering garments entirely new. Givenchy’s take on destroyed denim captures the city’s rule-bending spirit and pays homage to Japanese-style patchwork — a radical explosion of color, texture and graffiti-style graphics overwhelm and tease the eye. A personal favorite of Hardy’s is the denim decorated with crackly strokes of white paint, resembling fragile layers of papier-mâché lifting from a canvas.In his day-to-day life, the skater rotates through all-black Wrangler and Dickies denim, lovingly worn-in as he zips through street traffic, bar hops and lands gravity-defying ollies on the way to the train. Hardy gravitated to the collection’s sun-bleached garments and painted denim, flexing his personal influence by incorporating a marbleized leather moto jacket from his own wardrobe into the shoot. Though he’s drawn to pieces that prioritize comfort, Hardy showcases an appreciation for vivid color and textured prints, wearing patterned zebra and leopard outerwear with color-blocked apparel.The native New Yorker has witnessed the phase-out of a trend or two in the skate scene and elements of streetwear trickle into mainstream fashion discourse. Creative agency over his fashion persona is paramount, and he is selective when working in collaborative capacities. “I like to have some say-so in my shoots. Shoots can be complicated, but the Givenchy shoot was cool because I was a bit more hands-on.” Hardy is big on thrifting and channels an eclectic, free-spirited approach to his closet. “It depends on the piece, the color scheme and how it feels on my body. Sometimes I put things on randomly, and if it fits my body well, I don’t really mind the color or pattern. Your mindset changes over time. You definitely grow with fashion,” explains Hardy.It’s apparent that Hardy approaches fashion as an attitude; he displays an intuitive understanding of his mood and lifestyle with an air of cool and distinctive skate style. The effortless skater is an ever-evolving image in fashion and pop culture, but Hardy seems unfazed with building his persona in the luxury space. His travels to Berlin and Paris continue to inspire him, locations he remembers as the most extreme displays of non-conformist fashion and self-expression outside of New York. In terms of skate footwear, Hardy mentions that he doesn’t skate in the TK-360, but he reps how comfortable the shoe is in less grueling environments. The eye-catching silhouette presents an avant-garde look and feel and lends itself to experimental styling. “I’d have all the colorways if I could, but it’s too nice of a shoe to rock regularly. I’ve been wearing the black [pair] — one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. It’s nice to switch it up and have a comfy shoe I can walk outside in. It definitely molds to the foot.”Watch the video above for a look at Shredmaster Keith in Givenchy’s TK-360. Visit Givenchy’s website to shop the latest TK-360 colorways.[shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”TK-360 Sneakers in Black” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$895 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”TK-360 Sneakers in Acid Wash” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$895 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”TK-360 Sneakers in Graphite” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$895 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”TK-360 Sneakers in Beige Camel” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$895 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”TK-360 Sneakers in White” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$895 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”TK-360 Sneakers in Navy” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$895 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”Jeans in Crackled Coated Denim” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$1,270 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”Jeans in Painted Destroyed Denim” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$1,990 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”Jeans in Painted Crackled Denim” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$1,990 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”Shirt in 4G Bleached Denim” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$920 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”Oversized T-shirt in Tie & Dye Jersey” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$590 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”Slim Fit Tank Top with Square Collar” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$400 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”G Tri-fold Sunglasses in Metal” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$540 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”G Cube Necklace” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$1,150 USD”][/shoppable][shoppable brand=”Givenchy” product=”4G Pearl Necklace” link=”” store=”Givenchy” price=”$1,150 USD”][/shoppable]

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