Skate Or Die Skull Collection

“Skate Or Die – Skull – Skateboarding”

Why wear boring sneakers while riding your board? Display your passion and style with this unique colorful sneaker!

A very large emblem with the words “Skate Or Die” imprinted under a skull insignia is embedded at the side of this sneaker, on an overlay of graffiti motive. This sneaker will show off your board skills and is designed to be noticed. Classic Converse-style canvas sneaker. Rubber insole and padded collar for stability and comfort. Synthetic outsole for grip on board. Ethically made to order, on every order.

Comes in hightops and lace-up sneakers. Beautifully crafted in 4 unique colors – blue, green, dark yellow and purple – to show off your style, on and off your skateboard.

Show your passion, Find your personal style.

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