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Zip Up & Meet Fall Head-on With These Leather Boots

When fall rolls in, you should be instinctively gearing up for a wardrobe makeover. The weather starts to get more and more unpredictable from here on out and you don’t want to be caught unprepared, sporting your mesh shorts, a Cuban collar shirt, and canvas sneakers in a full-on downpour. Where better to start the transformation than the kicks? A good pair of zip-up boots will see you through unforeseen meteorological disasters.
With the help of SSENSE, we’ve rounded up 10 pairs of the best zip-up boots for men this season. From bold luxury by Raf Simons in the form of his futuristic Solaris-21 Boots in metallic silver through to big, puddle-stomping goodness from Virón in the punk-leaning 1992 Boots, there’s a style for all occasions and wardrobes.

Virón’s eco-friendly faux leather forms the upper to this pair in a rich green hue that’s ideal for earth-tone fall styling.

When we talk about timeless shoes, we don’t usually mean silver boots like this, but when we all start living on Mars in 50 years, you’ll probably fit right in with these on.

Toga Virilis has a nack for embellishment. Using a classic, high-end navy suede boot as its foundation, a jagged pattern cut in the upper distinguishes this pair.

Saint Laurent’s Lukas Boots are an icon in the world of men’s boots. With the classic cowboy heel and soft leather uppers, they’re a stylish take on a fall essential.

Exclusive to SSENSE, this white leather pair of zip-up boots from Adyar is not one to go puddle hopping in.

Again, not a pair suited to fall hikes, but a perpetual go-to for the most stylish men in society, the Margiela Tabi features the iconic split-toe finish.

If you are, however, in the market for a pair that goes above and beyond the call of duty for fall boots, look no further than this pair by Heron Preston. With one of the chunkiest soles of the season, you’ll be towering above the crowd in both stature and style with this pair on foot.

For every wild pair of zip-up boots, there’s a classic pair that resets the universe’s natural balance. This understated pair by Tiger of Sweden is working overtime to keep that balance right now.

The power that emanates from this pair of square-toe boots by Acne Studios will have you itching to kick your way through the doors of your favorite bar but we’d advise against it.

In similar, Western style, Ernest W. Baker’s Western Boots boast one of the sleekest silhouettes we’ve seen this season. Filled out in luxurious leather, they’re verging on irresistible.
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