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“Mandala – Form 4” Custom Designed Sneaker Released!

To finish off our Mandala series of custom designed sneakers, we introduce the “Mandala – Form 4”.  This sneaker is part of a series of custom sneaker design based on the Mandala. The Mandala is commonly used as a spiritual symbol representing the self and the Universe, the invisible inner world and the visible outer world. By walking in this path, we move toward a state of completeness and a realization of our true nature, which, like the circle of the mandala, is boundless and perfect. With this shoe, in dark brown, and subtle highlights of the Mandala circle on the top and side, we hope that you too, will walk this balanced path of completeness, health and contentment.

The huge mandala is shown at the top of the sneaker, leading in any path that you choose to take. The rich earthern brown color really pulls you in! We hope you like our series of custom-designed sneakers on the mandala. You can see more images of this made-on-demand sneaker here –


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Sneaks & Kicks is a small rag-tag team of sneaker designers. We started this company to provide our customers with beautiful, custom-designed sneakers that express their identity and passion. We aren’t ready for a full launch of the store yet since we are still populating our inventory of designs. Follow us to see our design concepts as we release them!

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