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Here’s How to Make Leather Footwear Work in Spring & Summer

Leather has a bad rep for spring and summer, and we think it’s unfair. Of course, your heavy-duty leather boots shine in the cold wetness of winter, but we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to retire leather during spring and summer. Many of us swear by leather footwear, and all it takes to continue your leathery love into the warmer months is a touch of canniness in your footwear selections. What’s more, with many predicting an incoming shift in footwear tastes from sneakers to more mature, classic styles, it’s looking set to be a season of leather.
Church’s is the British footwear brand that’s been unflinching in its offering of leather footwear since 1873. That’s almost 150 springs and 150 summers populated by high-quality leather kicks, so it’s safe to say that Church’s has found a way to make leather work for you in every season.
How do they do it? With a collection that expands every year to incorporate new silhouettes while sticking to its founding values of craftsmanship and quality. This year we’re particularly interested in the prospect of loafers and a highlight pair of Greek sandals, but the label’s returning derby shoes and sneakers are on the buy list, too.

Taking after the brand’s Boland Sneaker, Church’s Mach 1 retains a sense of heritage style with its premium brown leather upper while substituting a chunkier sole for more impact. This brings new life to the understated sneaker, adding a contemporary punch to the classic.

Mach 3 takes yet another step away from the traditional feel of Church’s flagship sneakers. This time it’s the upper treated to an update with a sporty white leather makeover complete with contrasting black stripes.

One of Church’s newest arrivals, the CH873 Sneaker melds familiar elements to any sneakerhead into one elevated package. The sneaker’s chunky sole unit and streamlined upper brim with normcore style which is sure to be a style focus this spring/summer season.

Some of us just don’t do sandals and it’s completely understandable but there comes a time in summer where you simply have to let the toes breathe. This pair of Fisherman Sandals is a beautiful compromise, styling easily with shorts and rolled trousers, and sitting somewhere between elevated derby and strappy sandal.

If you haven’t already got your pair of loafers or at least started sizing a pair up then you’re slacking. We’ve no doubt that loafers will be a favorite this summer, so what are you waiting for?

Continuing with the loafer tack, this chunky-soled pair offers a more contemporary take for those who aren’t yet willing to completely give up on modern footwear.

Brogues are a perennial style staple and few, if any, rank higher than the Church’s Grafton. This classic was born in 1973 but its roots can be traced way back. This tried and tested style is going nowhere, even with the brighter weather en route.

Inspired by Grecian mules, Jason is a home slipper made for more. Its soft sole means it’s definitely not one for long walks, but a saunter around a park is well within its bounds.

Leather-soled derby shoes will never go out of style, it’s a fact. This pair has been a bestseller for Church’s over the past 50 years and thousands of leather footwear connoisseurs can’t be wrong.

Desert boots are, as the name suggests, designed for the heat. Hard-wearing suede in deep blue gives this pair a clean, formal edge that’s easy to style up or down.
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