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Hender Scheme Launches Circulation Platform

Ryo Kashiwazaki’s Hender Scheme has launched its new “circulation” platform.As the name suggests, the new platform promotes environmental equity and reduces fashion waste by focusing on circularity. To execute the mission, “circulation” is comprised of four programs including “repair,” “resale,” “custom” and “workshop.” Although the platform’s primary focus is shoe repair, the entire ” circulation ” system is meant to extend the lifespan of Hender Scheme products and revitalize pieces in new ways. With shoes, the program is capable of repairing to the fullest extent including toes, soles, polish, rubber and more.”Products circulate, and circulation creates new activities. Circulation inspires the following products,” reads the platform website.Alongside repairs, two other standout functions of the platform are the “custom” and “workshop” arms, which allow customers to not only engage in unique creations but to also let them craft their own special products. The new platform has launched with Sukima’s official online shop and on the Hender Scheme site (although segment developments are still forthcoming). Hender Scheme’s “circulation” is also set to open a physical store this winter.Stay tuned to Hender Scheme’s website for more updates on “circulation.”Elsewhere in fashion, HUMAN MADE’s Season 26 FW23 drop spotlights dachshunds and denim.¬†Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast

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