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Fleet Feet Proves Sizing Matters

Fleet Feet, the largest specialty-run retailer in the country, has just hit a major milestone: 5 million foot scans.

The retailer’s fit id process combines 3D foot scanning technology with a Dynamic Pressure Mapping system to develop a profile of each customer’s foot. The scans take precise measurements of foot length, width, arch height, and more. This information then helps outfitters find the perfect pair of shoes for every customer.

Introduced in June 2017, Fleet Feet’s 3D foot scanning has created a large data set, giving insight into aggregate customer foot shape, arch height, and size. This information has helped to fuel both innovation and enhanced customer personalization. Every year, nearly 50 percent of runners suffer from an overuse injury. Fleet Feet’s outfitting process is designed to help customers find shoes that keep them happy and healthy, and this data helps to refine the process so that runners and walkers end up with the right product for their unique gait.

This detailed process has helped the chain grow 261 percent since 2010. While other retailers have struggled over the last few quarters, Fleet Feet has continued to perform and is pushing ahead with new store openings throughout the country. With over 250 locations in 40 states, Fleet Feet serves thousands of runners and walkers every day. While the brand has a national presence, each Fleet Feet location is deeply involved in the local community that it operates. The company’s goal is to be the best national resource for local running.

Fleet Feet’s fit id scanner in action.
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